[SS-14] Frozen Smoked [Spring/Sockeye] Salmon Sliced 70g x 3ea.


Three pre-sliced pouches of both Smoked Spring and Sockeye Salmon. A total of six of our small pouches.

Small servings allows you to open packages only when needed, for the freshest taste. (Price is in CAD$)


If left unopened, they can be kept up to about 90 days in the freezer or 7-10 days in the refrigerator.

  • Smoked Salmon Hors-d'oeuvre
    Slice up some smoked salmon to your liking. Decorate your plate with olives, lemons, and capers. Enjoy it as toppings on slices of baguettes, croissants, and crackers. Smoked salmon goes very well with avocado dips (avocados, sour cream, onions, salt, pepper, and lemon juice) and cheese as well. It is not only delicious, but visually attractive, making it a perfect appetizer dish for parties.