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[SH-80] Frozen Salted [Sockeye] Salmon, Portion Cut [100gx10pcs]

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Salted salmon is a beloved traditional delicacy in Japan and has been enjoyed for many generations.

We are offering the worlds most sought after salmon, wild sockeye.

Freshly caught wild sockeye salmon were salted by traditional method, before freezing which cures flavours and helps preserve the fish.

  • There is no doubt the best way to prepare salted salmon is by grilling or baking it. Heat intensifies the natural flavours of the salted salmon and brings out an irresistible aroma.

  • Cut the grilled/ baked salted salmon into small pieces and mix it with thinly sliced salted cucumber with a touch of sanbaizu (1:1:1 mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce and mirin ) to create sunomono, a refreshing and healthy small side dish.

  • Salmon ochazuke: Loosen the grilled salmon meat and place on top of a bowl of rice and then add fish broth. A quick and easy traditional Japanese comfort food.

  • Take the skin that still has a thin layer of meat and grill/ bake and add a touch of unagi sauce/ kabayaki sauce to it. Place it on a bed of rice with radish sprouts and roll it into the skin into a sushi roll. This is what we call a BC (British Columbia) Roll in the sushi shops in Vancouver. The grilled tastes gives the roll a charred taste which is popular amongst the local Japanese and Canadians.
***Best Before Date***
Good in the freezer for approximately 60-90 days.