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How to order

Step 1 : Find Merchandise

  1. Open the products page from the category. Change the quantity and click button.

  2. Your shopping cart will be shown

    How to change the quantity of the product:
    Change the quantity of the product and click button.

    How to delete the product : Click button next to the product total.

  3. If you wish to continue shopping, click button.
  4. If your wish to go to the next step, click button.

Step 2 : Sign In or Register

  • A. First time customers
    Please input your information and click button.

  • B. If you have already an account with our store
    Please input your email address and password you registered and click button.

Step 3a : Input Recipient, Delivery Date & Time and Greeting

(You cannot request Delivery Date & Time and Greeting for Seasonal Product send Fresh)
  1. Recipient information

    A. Select from registered recipients:
    Click button and select.

    B. To update registered recipient address:
    Click button to go "Update Address Book Entry" page.
    Update then click button.

    C. To add NEW recipient:
    Click button to go "Enter the Shipping Address" page. Input new recipient information then click button to go back to Step 3a.

  2. If you wish the products to be delivered on specific date and time, select [Prefered Delivery Date and Time]

  3. If you wish a Greeting to be attached to the products, select from the list or input.

  4. If you have any comments, input it in the comments field, If you have. Click button to next step.

Step 3b : Order Confirmation Page

  • A. To modify
    Click button to go Step 3a.
    Modify then click  button to go back Step 3b.

  • B. Go to Next Step: click  button to go to Step 3c.

Step 3c : Confirm Product

  • A. To Continue Shopping
    Click button or


  • B. To complete ordering
    Click button.

Step 4 : Confirm All Order

  • A. To modify: Click button to go to Step 3a. Modify then click  button to proceed to Step 3b.

  • B. To Delete: Click button.

  • C. To go Payment: Click button.

Step 5 : Enter Payment Information

Input your credit card information, then click button.

Step 6 : Order Completion

You will receive an automated order confirmation email. If you do not receive an order confirmation email within 30 minutes, please notify us at gift_online@seaborn.ca .