Seaborn: Salmon, Smoked Salmon, and Seafoods
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Spring Gift

Smoked Salmon Triple Set
 Produced in our HACCP certified Smokehouse in Vancouver, Canada.

Maple Cream Cookies (Individually Wrapped) "New"
  Cookies sandwich a wonderfully flavourful maple cream filling.

Glacial Water (500ml x 24) "New"
  Pure natural glacier water.

Frozen Blueberry
Canadian blueberries picked right here in B.C. are very popular for its large size.

Canadian Smoked Salmon
Produced in our HACCP certified Smokehouse in Vancouver, Canada,

Smoked Salmo [Spring]

Smoked Salmo [Sockeye]

Salmon Jerky [Spring]



At Seaborn we offer many different gifts, starting with our smoked products made locally at our HACCP approved plant in Vancouver BC Canada.


With our concept as a little taste of luxury, we have gourment Canadian products that you can send to your loved ones in Japan.


With a flat delivery fee of $12.00 per delivery address, you can mix and match as many products as you like.(excludes Live Lobster, Wine and Seasonal Items. ) There are no other extra costs.

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